Natirar also features “Bring Me Food” dining.  With the freshest ingredients available at Chef David C. Felton’s fingertips it’s only natural that an aspect of dining at Ninety Acres Culinary Center would be a daily tasting menu.  Chef Felton who is always willing to break down the wall between diner and chef has devised a new method to the usual tasting menu madness with BMF (Bring Me Food).   303030 seats surround the kitchen so BMF diners get an up-close and personal view of the goings-on and instead of being presented with a conventional menu, the server presents diners with a list of that night’s ingredients.  Diners alert the kitchen of their personal likes and dislikes, and Chef Felton will prepare a 5-course menu accordingly.  Every experience is different, but all delicious! 
This style of dining is a natural for Ninety Acres which is surrounded by its own organic farm and gardens, not to mention that some of the best ingredients come from nearby farms.  On any given night choices may include Katy’s arugula, E.R. Son organic carrots, Oak Grove brussel sprouts, Paradise Hill heirloom cranberries, Natirar’s Berkshire pigs, Natirar’s Romney sheep, Griggstown pheasants, Flaim Farm sweet potatoes & Vidalia onions, Terhune Orchards lady apples, Barnegat Lighthouse fluke, Branch Creel baby radish & spicy greens, Davidson bluefoot mushrooms, Roman’s honey, Oak Grove popcorn.  Such an interactive way of eating is another example of how we like to find creative ways to keep dining interesting, cutting edge and fun for chef and diner.