The Club at Natirar is the private club affiliated with Natirar. Our vision is simple—to offer a sanctuary that delivers balance and wellness, helping you to reconnect and rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit. The Club at Natirar is your platform for stimulating the origin of a healthier lifestyle, a true lifestyle renaissance.  As a Member, you will enjoy privileged use of all Natirar amenities as well as be privy to a selection of compelling activities and engaging affairs intended to enhance all aspects of life, from health and mindfulness, to intellect and inspiration. Escape from the tangles of everyday life…have fun, be challenged, experience something new. By surrounding yourself with others with similar goals, your chance of sustaining a more gratifying lifestyle significantly increases.We welcome interested parties to submit a Membership Inquiry or contact our Membership Director to schedule a private tour of the property and learn more about the privileges and benefits of membership with The Club at Natirar. 
The Club at Natirar enables members to foster meaningful relationships by offering a diverse range of community driven experiences.  We are dedicated to providing the facilities, atmosphere, and commitment to service that can only be found in a truly fine private club.  Membership at The Club at Natirar will reward you with a unique experience in a gracious, friendly environment, as well as exceptional spa, dining, cultural, educational, and social opportunities.  We are dedicated to delivering the ideal “lifestyle experience” where time is optimized and the line between business and personal is blurred.